Hatch Insights

A collection of articles about building stronger relationships with your customers using the Hatch platform.

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Enterprise Loyalty

Loyalty Isn't Just Cents Off Written by Dan Gloede on Oct 11 2017

Over the past 12 months, we’ve surveyed the convenience and fuel landscape with current and potential customers. We’ve asked questions and we’ve listened.

From these conversations, we asked ourselves...

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Press Release

We Are Hatch Loyalty Written by Dan Gloede on Sep 5 2017

Today, we are announcing the renaming of our company to Hatch Loyalty. We chose ‘Hatch Loyalty’ because we believe loyalty is an outcome of a great customer experience. Hatch is the origin. It’s the start of a relationship that will grow and change and endure. And it’s how we approach innovation. We crack things wide open. We change and we evolve.

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