Goodbye, traditional loyalty. Hello, Hatch.

We deliver technology that transforms
relationships with your customers


Technically, we're a loyalty company.

But that word carries a lot of baggage. Think about us this way: a simple, adaptable, nice to use technology platform designed to help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

Our company

Your customers aren't segments. They're people.

Real, live, constantly changing, human people.

Single, living in an apartment, buying energy drinks one day. Married, with a mortgage, shopping for whole milk and diapers the next.

Most loyalty products don't account for the lifestyle and habit changes of your customers. Hatch is different.

Get to know your customers
People not segments min

Hatch is the connective technology that's constantly collecting rich customer data and helping you translate it into personalized, actionable, brilliant marketing strategies.

Set data free@2x

Set Your Data Free

If you're anything like most companies, there's a good chance you're sitting on heaps of valuable customer data that isn't getting used. Hatch connects with your existing systems and programs to make your data work harder, better, smarter.

Turn insights into action

“Hatch is a robust, but easy to integrate customer loyalty platform that enables retailers to better understand and incentivize their customers…allowing them to engage their customers and grow their sales in a meaningful way.”

Jeff Jordan General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Hatch connects well with others

Connects well with others

Hatch was designed to work well with others. We're built to connect the best of the best. Better together.

Hatch is Developer Friendly

Developer friendly

You yourself may not be a developer. But we know you have some on your team — and we know how important they are. Which is why we made Hatch the most developer friendly platform around.

Hatch is right for your business

Hey Hatch,
are you right for my business?

Yes If

  • You want to understand who your customers are.
  • You know your customers but you don't know how to talk to them.
  • You're medium to extra-large sized.
  • You would rather spend time doing your job than trying to figure out how the heck to make this loyalty thing work.

No If

  • Complicated things are fun for you.
  • You're a small business (We have something specific for you).
  • You're looking for a complete marketing suite.
  • You're looking for an agency.

Help us, help you.

Contact us to learn more.