Goodbye, traditional loyalty. Hello, Hatch.

Technology designed to help you build stronger, more personal relationships with your customers.

Our Approach

A modern platform for the modern organization.

  • Build

    Designing the perfect loyalty program is overwhelming. With Hatch, you don’t have to figure out all of the bells & whistles today. Start small and iterate toward the best program for your business.

  • Measure

    Good loyalty programs leverage member data to make more informed decisions. With Hatch, the best programs can understand engagement and make those decisions in real-time.

  • Learn

    Build a real-time feedback loop with your members. With Hatch, access actionable insights that can be used to drive engagement and change customer behavior.

Why We're Different

Open, Agile, & Extensible

Traditional loyalty programs are overly complicated, inflexible, and expensive. Hatch's platform approach to loyalty is designed to integrate with existing systems, products, and partners. Let us help you get to market faster and cheaper while still providing the flexibility to adapt into the future.

Hatch - Designed for Innovation
  • I flexibility Flexible

    Hatch provides a simple API and a robust set of tools, giving you the control necessary to build the program your customers deserve.

  • I scalable Scalable

    Hatch is built to grow with your business. Whether it's one location or thousands, Hatch dynamically scales with your traffic.

  • I reliable Reliable

    We take pride in our platform, which is extensively tested and monitored to ensure your program is always up and running.

  • I integrations Portable

    Access to your data when and where you need it most. Hatch securely collects and shares data with your business in real-time.

Developer Friendly

Technology you can trust

Hatch’s cloud-based platform provides you with best in class security and an unmatched ability to scale. We care about the developer experience. Leave your worries in our hands and focus on your bottom line -- we’ve got you covered.

  • 63bab0 Extensive Documentation
  • 63bab0 Data Extracts
  • 63bab0 Webhooks
  • 63bab0 Test Environments
  • 63bab0 Isolated Runtimes
  • 63bab0 Enterprise-Grade Support
Designed for Integration

Use the best tool for the job

Avoid legacy lock-in. Hatch is designed to easily integrate with existing business systems and complimentary products & services, giving you the flexibility and control to build the best solution for your business.

Hatch - Designed for Innovation

“Hatch is a robust, but easy to integrate customer loyalty platform that enables retailers to better understand and incentivize their customers…allowing them to engage their customers and grow their sales in a meaningful way.”

Jeff Jordan General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz