Customer Relationships Redefined

Hatch helps retailers build stronger relationships with their customers by activating them in the moments that matter most.

What is Customer Activation?

We’re glad you asked. Customer activation is leveraging data to create meaningful experiences for your customers, and more profitable relationships for your business.
Gathering customer data is easy. Gathering it in one place, owning it and activating it in real-time can be tough. Hatch is here to help.

Unbundle Your Strategy

Marketing technology is becoming decentralized. Bundled services can’t support great customer experiences and stand in the way of business success, so retailers are now opting for specialist providers that can work together in order to achive their goals.
Our flexible platform works well with other providers so you can create an activation program that meets the needs of your business and your customers.

Relationships First

Customer relationships are complicated, but the technology you use to cultivate them shouldn’t be. We’ve built a flexible platform that grows and evolves with your business’s changing needs.
Think of us as the technology layer supporting your customer activation program, helping you change behavior through real-time engagement.

How it Works

Traditional loyalty programs are overly complicated, inflexible, and expensive. Hatch's platform approach to loyalty is designed to help you get to market faster and cheaper while still providing the flexibility to adapt into the future.


Start with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate program so you can start collecting information about your customers as quickly as possible.


Gather first-party data into a single view of your customer and analyze it to reach them in the moments that matter most.


Continuously learn about your customers and monitor program performance to better understand what brings them joy, and what doesn’t.


Build stronger, long-term relationships by using the wisdom gained through the platform to adapt to ever changing wants and needs on the fly.

Configured for Your Brand

Hatch enables you to design a branded, customized program without the cost and time constraints of legacy providers.

Managed in Real-Time

Easily access your program analytics, understand what is (or isn’t) working and make changes to your live program in real-time through Hatch HQ.

First- Party Data

Take ownership of your data. We believe that first-party data is the most powerful tool when building a customer activation and loyalty program.

Long-Term Customer Relationships

We believe that customer loyalty is cultivated through consistently great customer experiences. Hatch is built to help you, and your customers, get there.

Looking Beyond Loyalty

Customer activation and loyalty programs shouldn’t be siloed from the rest of your marketing strategy. Fold Hatch and first-party data in your comprehensive marketing mix.

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