Loyalty isn't just cents off. It's an outcome

It’s the result of knowing your customers so well that you never serve them a reward they wouldn’t thank you for.

We know C-Stores and Fuel centers have unique needs. Hatch was specifically designed to meet them.

Our platform directly impacts your business:

  • 1. Increased conversion
  • 2. More profitable basket
  • 3. Greater share of wallet
  • Your Customers Today

    Anonymous Customer

    Anonymous Purchase

    Direct Mail Coupon Redemption
    • Basket Items
    • Store Location
    • Transaction Date / Time
    • Coupon Code ID
  • Your Customers with Hatch

    Hatch Customer

    Identified Purchase

    Targeted Offer
    • Basket Items
    • Store Location
    • Transaction Date / Time
    • Mobile Device ID
    • Customer Profile Information
    • Customer Purchase History
    • Acquisition Channel

“We’ve been working with Hatch as a trusted partner throughout the year, with great results. Their flexible platform technology makes it possible for us to deliver innovative consumer engagement products to fuel and convenience store retailers; enabling these retailers with best-in-class tools they’ve never had access to before.”

Dave VanWiggeren CEO, Drop Tank
  • Hatch logo HQ

    Our front-end tool that allows marketers to manage programs, expose insights, get support. Along with the tools you need to drive customer behavior through personalized rewards and offers.

    Hatch logo mark
  • Hatch logo IQ

    This is your personalization engine. Our platform capabilities work behind-the-scenes to enable advanced targeting and the segmentation necessary for your company to truly execute 1:1 marketing.

    Hatch logo mark
  • Hatch logo HUB

    Our suite of user-friendly APIs. Everything you need to adapt your loyalty strategy through our flexible platform.

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Enterprise-grade security and scalability

Hatch is built for enterprise businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our security is best in class. Our ability to scale is unmatched. Leave your concerns in our hands — we’ve got you fully covered.

  • Out of the box, white label
    Made for the masses, one-size-fits-all, white-label, throw your own logo on it, out-of-the-box thing-a-ma-jig.
  • Hatch is the best of both worlds
    A flexible, easy-to-use solution designed with enough customization to suit your specific needs, but not so much that you can’t change things on the fly.
  • The expensive, custom option
    Super customized program that eats your whole marketing budget and doesn’t play nice with your existing programs.
  • Hatch: the simple solution


    Easy to configure, easy to implement, easy to adjust, easy to love.

  • Hatch: the simple solution


    Designed to scale with your evolving needs and future-proofs your strategy

  • Hatch: the simple solution


    Increases your customer lifetime value, effectively allocates marketing spend while reducing cost of ownership over time.

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