Designed for Activation

Hatch enables retailers to activate their customers with personalized experiences powered by a set of dynamic, robust features.
Built to work well with your other business systems, Hatch takes the guess work out of attribution.


Serving as the source of truth for your membership data, progressively build Profiles as you learn about your members and more data points become available.
  • Configurable Data Structure

  • Aggregate Data from Multiple Sources

  • Real-Time Updates via API


Activate Profile data to create Moments that reach the right member, at the right time, with the right kind of experience. Keep members engaged and drive incrementality for your business.
  • Impact Purchase Decisions

  • Measure, Optimize and Iterate in Real-Time

  • Personalize Engagement


Build audiences based on member behavior to deliver valuable Moments, resulting in more profitable member habits for your business.
  • Structure Audiences Around Desirable Behaviors

  • Create Audiences through Programmatically Applied Rules

  • Upload Your Own Segments as Audiences


Hatch HQ, makes program management and access to high-level analytics a breeze for all of your teams.
  • View Performance Data

  • Manage Memberships

  • Design Offers in Real-Time

  • Create Audiences

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