Offer Marketing Contents

API Reference

Marketing Contents are exposed via an API resource called Marketing Contents.

What is a Marketing Content?

A Marketing Content is a general Hatch Platform resource that may be associated with several different entities. In this case, a Marketing Content represents a component of an Offer that composes various marketing copy for display to a Membership via a mobile application, website, or other digital signage.

How are Marketing Contents configured?

Marketing Contents for an Offer are configured with attributes such as title, short_description and image_url, which may be used to communicate the desired behavior required to fulfill the offer. Marketing Contents may also be configured with a locale so that if several Marketing Contents are related to a single Offer, the correct one may be chosen based on the locale of the Membership. For more detail on the attributes that may be configured, see the Marketing Contents resource.

How is a marketing content associated with an offer?

Marketing Contents are assigned to an offer by configuring the Marketing Content's subject relationship.