Reward Segmentation

API Reference

Reward-Segments are exposed as a JSON-API relationship via the add required segments and remove required segments apis.

What is a Reward Segment?

A Reward Segment is a relationship between a Reward and a Custom Segment which indicates that a reward "belongs" in a certain segment.

How are Reward Segments configured?

Reward-Segments may created or removed in order to define the relationship between a reward and a number of segments. By creating a relationship between a reward and one or more segments, the Hatch API will indicate whether a membership is eligible to redeem a reward when calling the Membership Rewards api. When a membership is not in a required segment, a reward's eligible field will read false, and the visible_status field will read missing_required_segments. Rewards that are tagged with no segments will be visible to all memberships. For more details on how to interpret the relationship between a reward and its segments, see the visible_status section of the Rewards guide.