A modern platform designed to make your loyalty-driven life infinitely easier.

Hatch offers a comprehensive suite of flexible, dynamic, intuitive products that help you better know & serve your customers, and better manage & grow your business.

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Get to know your customers beyond simple transactions to understand who they are and activate when it matters most.

Our dynamic Profiles go above and beyond transaction information to give you an in-depth understanding of your customers. Get to know their behaviors and preferences, and activate against that data at point of purchase. Start with just a phone number and build your profiles over time.

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Get smarter, faster, with real-time data analysis and easily accessible, actionable insights.

Wisdom turns complex data into easy-to-interpret information, allowing you to better manage your loyalty program from insight to execution. Activate offers in real-time with exceptional ease. Leverage data based on customers personal preferences. Monitor and create rewards on the fly.


Impact purchase decisions right in the moment with personalized offers and rewards based on specific customer preferences.

Moments, offers and rewards becomes truly personal and seriously effective. Create, activate, and modify offers in real time. Leverage data gathered through Profiles to provide personalized rewards and experiences that keep customers engaged and loyal.

Hatch moments


Segment data to understand customer habits and alter their buying behaviors.

Habits interprets complex data, allowing you to reach the right customer at the right time. Leverage data to understand customer habits and change purchase behaviors. Sort and analyze based on what they like, what they buy, how often they shop. Advanced segmentation, made simple.

Segment By:
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Flexibility that meets a variety of needs, Hatch provides value for:

  • Brands & CPG's

    Similar to retailers, you want to get to know you customers. Unlike retailers, you may not readily have access to rich customer data. Hatch enables brands & CPGs to access actionable customer data through our retail partners.

  • Agencies & Partners

    If you’re an agency or tech provider who has a client that is looking for loyalty, but don’t want to deal with the cost and headache of building the tech yourself, Hatch’s flexible platform can integrate with your solution and initiatives.

  • Enterprise Retailers

    The Hatch platform enables you to configure and design a program branded for your business. Most of what you’ll need is already built, but Hatch can enable unique experiences for your customers through integrations and extensions.

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