Hatch Changelog

Check out what's new! Below is a list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes organized by monthly release.

Release 2019.04

  • More Filtering, More Context. Delivering super relevant, personalized offers to your customers is important to your business and program success, so we’ve added new API filters to the Membership Offers call. This means that we're reducing your need to filter results on your end, increasing mobile app performance for your customers and reducing complexity for you.
  • Better Point Activity Tracking. We want to make it easier for HQ users to understand the context around point activity on any given Membership. For example, you will now be able to see which user made a point adjustment within HQ. Additionally, HQ users now have more detailed insight into which Offers and Rewards were included in a Transaction.
  • More Authentication Options, Fewer API Calls. Managing client side authentication with Hatch can be tedious if your program is designed to use a phone number instead of email as the primary identifier. We've now updated our authentication options to include a phone number so you don't have to look up the member's email first to authenticate them to your app.

Release 2019.03

  • Ready, Set, Scale. We’ve made a handful of performance improvements to the platform to ensure that all of our customers can seamlessly scale from pilot to full rollout. Scalability has been a strength of our platform from the start, but now we’ve made it even better because we value growing with you and your business.
  • Enhanced Security. In addition to improving the platform’s scalability, we’ve made improvements to our security protocols, giving us more control over the traffic sources we allow to access our databases for our enterprise customers. Keeping your, and your customers’, data secure is a key priority at Hatch and we are always taking steps to improve our security measures.
  • We want to ensure that your experience using Hatch HQ is easy, breezy. We’ve rolled out a number bug fixes in HQ to improve that experience so you may notice that some of your past bug annoyances have been squashed.

Release 2019.01

  • Customers can now manage Product Groups via API. Click to read more
  • Increases the maximum pagingation value from 50 to 100 per response. Click to read more
  • Offer Activation & other Effects are subject to limits, global or per member, & prevent overcommit.
  • Offer constraints support combining "Member In X Segment" and "Member In Any of (A,B,C) Segments."
  • The Membership lookup endpoint correctly includes Membership Offer and Membership Rewards context.
  • Membership webhook opt-in messaging is suppressed for memberships with email & phone
  • Marketing Content URLs sanitized to prevent someone from including embeded Javascript or other invalid or insecure URL characters.
  • Updates Membership Birthday validation. Valid Membership birthdays must be between 1 and 123 years in the past.
  • Password policy strengthened. New passwords must meet minimum strength standard of 8 characters and may not appear in the data set of the 1,000 most common passwords. Applies to Memberships and HQ users. Brute force attempts on password will automatically lock the account for 10 minutes. Login attempts no longer leak information about whether the email or password was registered with the system.
  • General bugfixes and performance improvements
  • General security improvements to the API.
  • Enhanced search and filtering capabilities throughout app. API clients can now search and filter the following resources: Members, Point Changes, Offers, Rewards, Locations, Product Groups, Segments, and Users.
  • Customers using HQ can now filter Membership Point Changes and Transactions by a date range.
  • Adds support for Offer Activation Limiting. Activation limiting removes the need to "require re-activation" when configuring an Offer constraint.
  • Introduces the ability to create and manage Segments through HQ.
  • Supports the ability to assign Members to a Segment in bulk, via CSV upload.
  • Offer Constraints can now be applied to Memberships "In Any Segment"
  • Adds support for viewing archived Offers and Rewards. These records will be "read only" until we can add support for un-archiving.
  • Adds the ability to trigger a password reset for a specific Membership.
  • General bugfixes, user experience, & performance improvements

Release 2018.11

  • API-wide scope enforcement
  • Eager loads Membership on Membership Rewards API calls
  • Removes Membership Reward resource and replace with decorated Reward resource
  • Improves performance for Transaction metrics
  • Expands filtering of jsonapi-included resources
  • Performance improvements when side-loading Offers and Rewards on Memberships
  • General bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Updates Offer Management UI
  • Updates authorized scopes for Admin and Support user roles.
  • Membership Offers now display a badge communicating an Offers visibility status
  • Fixes issue where Offer details fail to load if no marketing contents where configured.
  • General bugfixes and performance improvements

Release 2018.10

  • Adds category attribute to the Reward resource.
  • Adds support for filtering Rewards by category.
  • Adds support for filtering Membership Rewards by category.
  • Adds support for finding Memberships by Phone or ID.
  • Adds webhook support for notifying users when a Membership Segment is updated.
  • Adds support for sparse fields on custom data.
  • Adds support for gzip compression.
  • Adds created at min/max filters to Membership Point Change resource.
  • Adds support for rule driven Segmentation.
  • General bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Adds ability to click and drag to select a date range on the Dashboard.
  • Adds ability to click an Offer or Reward on the Membership page.
  • Updates Offer creation user experience.
  • Adds ability to create product groups while configuring an Offer.
  • Product group badges render with links to product group pages
  • Adds validation to prevent invalid Offers from being created.
  • Adds error handling & messaging to inform users when something goes wrong.
  • Updates Offer creation breadcrumbs
  • General bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Add support for selectively filtering pieces of custom data
  • Add support for selectively filtering Membership attributes

Release 2018.09

  • Require proper scope parameters when making API calls to create tokens.
  • Asynchronously send password reset calls via webhook notification
  • Adds support for sending Membership update notifications on point changes
  • General bugfixes and performance improvements
  • General bugfixes and performance improvements

Release 2018.08

  • Allow a Membership password to be set if it has never been set before
  • Allow unfulfilled Redemptions to transition to abandoned state
  • Platform automatically abandons Redemptions as Rewards expire
  • Adds email format validation for Membership
  • Fixes a bug where authenticated webhook calls would sometimes fail
  • Introduces Segments API Click to read more
  • Performance optimization when presenting Offers
  • General bugfixes and platform improvements
  • Design updates and improvements to the program dashboard
  • Program dashboard metrics support custom date ranges
  • Program dashboard supports display of hourly, daily, and cumulative metrics
  • Program dashboard displays snapshot of loyalty revenue metrics
  • Program dashboard metrics display
  • Improved support for editing Offer components
  • General bugfixes, performance improvements, and design cleanup

Release 2018.07

  • Outbound webhook calls support HTTP Basic authentication
  • Standardize filter behaviors across entire V2 API
  • Performance improvements to Membership Rewards index resource
  • Additional attributes supplied via Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration
  • Allows specific dates and times to be set when configuring Offer publication windows
  • Adds new audience that supports age restricted Offers
  • Improvements to the copy and layout of the Offer Management
  • Form input validation and styling improvements
  • General bugfixes and performance improvements

Release 2018.06

  • Additional functionality for Salesforce Marketing Cloud: SMS opt-in, and platform event sync
  • Fix bug returning error to API when confirmed Membership gets re-confirmed
  • Fix bug returning error to API when duplicate Membership ID is posted for create
  • Fix bug returning error to API when Membership ID not found for Membership rewards index
  • Introduce Hatch Offer management via HQ user interface
  • Membership, Reward, and Offer Segment visibility
  • General bug fixes

Release 2018.05

  • Introduces Membership write adapters for Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Improved reliability of event notifications through backend enhancements
  • Bugfix to ensure occcasional webhook call connection failures are efficiently retried
  • General improvements and bugfixes.

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