Hatch Changelog

Check out what's new! Below is a list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes organized by monthly release.

Release 2018.03

  • Adds support to automatically grant points to a member on their birthday.
  • Adds support to grant or expire Membership points on a configurable schedule.
  • Exposes a relationship for a Transaction to the Redemption resource.
  • Event notification service enhancements.
  • Expired rewards may no longer be redeemed.
  • Fulfilled Redemptions may no longer be cancelled.
  • Fixes an occasional rounding error in money amount storage.
  • Corrects an occasional bug impacting the ability to activate and/or deactivate an Offer.
  • Added dynamic deactivation of Offers as a fulfillment outcome.
  • General performance improvements
  • Membership profile page improvements. Click to read more
  • Updates to HQ user login form.
  • General improvements and bug fixes.

Release 2018.02

  • Rules conditions support the ability to track the number of times an item is purchased
  • Revoke ability for a fulfilled Redemption to be canceled
  • General bug fixes and cleanup
  • Adds support for dedicated instances of HQ
  • Cross browser compatibility improvements

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