Release 2019.03

  • Ready, Set, Scale. We’ve made a handful of performance improvements to the platform to ensure that all of our customers can seamlessly scale from pilot to full rollout. Scalability has been a strength of our platform from the start, but now we’ve made it even better because we value growing with you and your business.
  • Enhanced Security. In addition to improving the platform’s scalability, we’ve made improvements to our security protocols, giving us more control over the traffic sources we allow to access our databases for our enterprise customers. Keeping your, and your customers’, data secure is a key priority at Hatch and we are always taking steps to improve our security measures.
  • We want to ensure that your experience using Hatch HQ is easy, breezy. We’ve rolled out a number bug fixes in HQ to improve that experience so you may notice that some of your past bug annoyances have been squashed.