Release 2019.04

  • More Filtering, More Context. Delivering super relevant, personalized offers to your customers is important to your business and program success, so we’ve added new API filters to the Membership Offers call. This means that we're reducing your need to filter results on your end, increasing mobile app performance for your customers and reducing complexity for you.
  • Better Point Activity Tracking. We want to make it easier for HQ users to understand the context around point activity on any given Membership. For example, you will now be able to see which user made a point adjustment within HQ. Additionally, HQ users now have more detailed insight into which Offers and Rewards were included in a Transaction.
  • More Authentication Options, Fewer API Calls. Managing client side authentication with Hatch can be tedious if your program is designed to use a phone number instead of email as the primary identifier. We've now updated our authentication options to include a phone number so you don't have to look up the member's email first to authenticate them to your app.