Hatch Support Policy

Hatch provides free limited standard technical support for services running on the Hatch Platform. The following provides a detailed breakdown of the Standard Support Policy inclusions.

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Support Overview

The Hatch Standard Support offering is limited to the following:

Configuration Assistance

  • Answering general how-to questions, best practices for configuration, and providing references to Hatch documentation


  • API Status Health Checks
  • Identifying problems with access tokens
  • Providing workarounds or resolutions for known problems
  • Troubleshooting supported API elements showing erratic or faulty behavior on Hatch, independent of the client’s application code

Not Covered

  • General debugging and development for client applications
  • Modifying and/or patching third party or Open Source software packages for compatibility with Hatch

Incident Categorization & Management

Hatch’s internal incident management process follows a rule based system structured around established severity levels, issue categories, and platform usability. Escalation procedures are in place given the scope and severity of potential incidents.

Severity Level Description
Severity 1 (Critical Impact) Material impact affecting all users
Severity 2 (High Impact) Major functionality loss affecting most users
Severity 3 (Medium Impact) Low impact performance issue or bug affecting some, but not all, users
Severity 4 (Low Impact) Inquiry regarding routine technical issue

Support Communication

Free Standard Technical support is available through email and the Hatch Support Site.

Development Support Channel

For any issues pertaining to the Hatch application development environments, please send an email to development-support@hatchloyalty.com.

Production Support Channel

For any issues pertaining to the Hatch application production environment, please create a support ticket at http://support.hatchloyalty.com.*

*If Hatch and a client have agreed to specific Service Level Agreement standards, all production related technical support inquiries must be submitted as tickets through the official http://support.hatchloyalty.com channel. If a production related issue is submitted through any other channel, including the development channel, corresponding SLA standards will not go into effect until it’s identified and classified as a production issue by Hatch.


Hatch support is offered on 8×5 coverage. Hours are 9am - 5pm Central Time, Monday - Friday, excluding US Holidays. Support inquiries may be submitted at any time. The Hatch platform itself is proactively monitored 24×7, see below for more details.

Proactive Monitoring

The Hatch platform is monitored 24×7 by automated systems. In the event of any issue affecting the health and operation of Hatch’s infrastructure, core systems, or tools, our team is notified and will respond immediately to diagnose and resolve any issues.

Platform Status Notification

If a platform issue occurs, a notice will be sent directly to clients overviewing the issue and providing steps for resolution. The impact, status, and resolution of any such issue will be communicated directly to clients as maintenance occurs. Notifications will be sent via email to all necessary client contacts.

Announcements containing platform status updates will also be communicated through the official http://support.hatchloyalty.com channel.

Premium Enterprise Support

Please contact us to find out the full details of the Premium Enterprise Support package.